OKF Personnel Recruitment
Job: Quality Control    [1people]
Details: familiar with automobile industry TS16949 quality system, prepare the APQP and PPAP data, CAD, projectors, such as vernier caliper measuring instruments, responsible for quality system, purchase, process, shipping and other process of product appearance and size measurement, detection, treatment Negotiable.
Job: Vulcanization    [2people]
Details: vulcanization molding operation, high degree of automation, male or female, age 25-40 years old, 12 hour shifts, everybody see two machines, according to the quota production, salary amount to 2500 ~ 3500 yuan.
Job: Trimming appearance inspection    [5people]
Details: age 22 to 45 years, excellent vision, nimble, piece work, more pay for more work (trimming 8 yuan / hour, inspection 9 yuan / HR Accounting).
We can offer you the following treatment as a qualified acceptance:
① Enjoy paid, weekly, national holidays and rest;
② The contract expires one year to buy social security;
③ Enjoy the company's birthday cake;
④ The contract expires one year after enjoying the service award 50 yuan / month, second years, third years, fourth years, 100 yuan / month 150 yuan / month (cap);
⑤ The Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival gift, enjoy the benefits.
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