OKF The advantage of OuKai fu

■ R & D strength

Relying on two leading global technology and personnel of Japan NOK and Times New Materials shares, we ensure the product structure and performance will be effective protected by the full-order and accurate experimental test.

■ Quality guaranteed

The introduction of international advanced production and testing equipment, eliminating causes of human factors on the quality of products, guarantee the product consistency. And it not only reduces the labor intensity and improve production efficiency, but also shorten the delivery period. At the same time, the implement of ISO / TS16949 international quality standards establish a standardized management system.

■ Fast response, good cooperation

Because of standardized projectized and specialized operational mode, together with business decisions decisive and flexible mechanism, we are able to deliver products and solve difficult problems with fast response and good cooperation.

■ Highly professional

The core development direction of OuKai fu is auto parts. We are familiar with all kinds of environmental conditions of major automobile systems product, and we can effectively avoid the potential risk to help customers shorten the development cycle, improve the delivery capacity and reduce costs.

■ The OKF lgnition coil rubber sheath advantages

1. Our rubber material selection of world famous  "Wallace figure, wacker, the letter, dow corning " such as suppliers, from the source of good quality;
2. Rubber sheath high temperature 220 ℃ ~ 220 ℃, low temperature resistant to 40 ℃, 35 kv, or electric breakdown resistance meet the requirements under various working conditions;
3. According to the product structure and the customer special requirements, we can use the "vacuum transfer molding injection molding, the cold runner -- -- -- -- -- - LSR molding" liquid such as technology, to ensure that meet the demand of different products and customers;
4. Quick response speed, positive and thoughtful service, a bargain price, that is your choice.